Grief is personal . 

Don’t try to understand another’s loss .

You can never fully comprehend the magnitude of who they lost . 

Loss is personal . 

Just remember to be there once the dust settles . 

People oh and ah and offer empty condolences . 

Be there for them , when everyone has left . 

That’s when they need you the most. 

The loneliness is haunting . 

You keep searching for that person who is gone . 

You reach your phone and automatically dial their number . 

No one is there at the other end to answer . 

That’s when it hits you . The loss , the grief , the transience of our human existence . 

Maybe we are meant to feel loss this deeply to appreciate those that we have . To seize life , and what God offers us . The brief , intermittent ,  bursts of light and joy . It is a sin to knowingly reject the joy that God , grants you , because you can’t forgive yourself . 

Love as much as you can while you have them . They live on in our souls, they protect us even from afar . So love . It’s makes up for the loss . 

Art: Pascal Campion 


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