First blog post – A Moment of Madness !

Why did I start this blog ? What was I thinking at the time, I made this site ? I can recollect what I was doing , thinking – not so sure. I had gotten home ,late in the afternoon , after a sleepover at a friend’s place – Chanchal . We , were catching up after quite sometime . The conversation flowed from boys ,to , clothes and makeup ,to, sex ,to, politics . And of course I was told for the , umpteenth time, that I should write . “You know so much , kitni knowledge hai , tum likhti kyun nahi ? Itni baar bola hai .” (you have so much knowledge , why dont you write ?)

And of course, weeks ago , I had bounced the idea around with another friend , who was very encouraging . I did not act on it , of course . I kept procrastinating , like I am wont to .

I got home around 4 pm, maybe, and by the time I left at 5:30 pm – in those ninety minutes, – The Diary of a Delhi Girl , was born . In those ninety minutes ,I, was also getting dressed for an evening out . Hence you can only imagine the speed at which I was doing things – multitasking, as they say. What was I thinking , in that one and half hours ? Frandkly ,I have not a clue . I was on my way to a book launch – TCA Raghavan’s Attendant Lords .

The book launch was a novel experience , I had not been to one before . Free book, signed by the author , and a glass of beer . In the middle of all that my blog was born .

Illustration Credit : Wiebke Rauers ,


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